About me

For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with all things automotive; old cars, new cars and the various bits of technology within.

It drove me (no pun intended) to a career in the motor industry, developing passenger cars for one of the world’s largest manufacturers. It’s also caused me to dabble in motorsport, to spend every spare penny on a variety of sometimes ill-advised automotive purchases and to lose hours at a time in the garage.

Since 2008 I have been a professional motoring journalist, covering subjects ranging from fuel cell technology to vintage racing cars. I’ve carried out road tests, track tests and product reviews. I’ve won awards, worked as a commissioning editor and developed the concept of a magazine that’s gone on to sell on three different continents.

I understand that a good story comes first. But I also appreciate that it has to be relevant to the target audience, with the right style and tone. Having been there myself, I know how important it is to deliver copy that’s thoroughly researched, well written and presented on time.

My services include freelance journalism, editing, copywriting and consultancy. To see what I can do for you, click on the following links to read my CV, view some samples or contact me direct.